Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2Turtle Doves Designs is MOVING to another Blog spot ...

I am moving into another cycle of life – at 40 our daughter is forging a new life for herself, and moving on; our 20 year old granddaughter is also carving out her own niche in the world and making her nest as she fledges our nest; our 16 month old grandson … well, who knows what the future holds for this sweet little fella, but for the moment we will not being seeing much of him either as he goes with his mother; FB is a political leftist jungle, and I’m tired of wading through the angry and hostile murky depths … I am shutting that down as soon as everything is deleted from my 3 Pages there; and my 2 Pages here at Blogger have run their course.

Sooooooo: I will be clearing those and shutting them down too, and moving to this new address: http://2turtledovesdesigns.blogspot.com/ with a new concept, and a new name … MY OWN. After years maneuvering cyberspace, it has occurred to me that there is really no {safe} place to light despite aliases that are created to throw lunatics off balance – cyberspace will not allow that anymore: the entire template here at Blogger has changed drastically since the last time I updated. So after 10 years of {being undercover}, I am chucking the cloak and dagger scene …as well as ‘Tammy Wheeler’ :-D :-D …  and stepping boldly into the fray under my given Name.

My new Blog will be a little of everything rolled into 1 instead of 5 ;-) I will be sharing what my hubs & I are up to as we enjoy mini vacations weekdays and 2Turtle Doves Designs operates weekends and Bazaar Season. And as always, I will be designing and making new and original creations which will be posted as before. I am also a Messianic Evangelist (have been for 2/3rd of my life. That is not going to change), so I will be sharing in that regard here also – I do not push my Faith on people, but I am strongly opinionated about what is taking place in America and in the world, and I give voice to that observance (if what I post offends you, just maturely move along, Thank you). An occasional YouTube Movie or Song will also be posted as I work best when one or the other is in the background.

That’s pretty much it in a nut shell :-D

I thank everyone who has regularly checked in & read my Blogs and invite whoever wants to move with me to come along – if you would rather not, that’s okay too. I thank you anyway and will miss you. But this Blog will be closed out as soon as I transfer what I want to take with me from this one.